Latest X-horse Key Tool Max OBD Transponder Key Programmer


Take control of your key programming needs with the X-horse Key Tool Max OBD Transponder Key Programmer. This versatile tool is designed to make key programming a breeze. Get yours today and experience the convenience of programming transponder keys on your own.


The Latest X-horse Key Tool Max is an advanced OBD transponder key programmer that offers a wide range of features to simplify key programming and enhance automotive security. Designed with efficiency in mind, this tool enables you to program keys, generate transponders, and perform various other functions with ease.

Product Features:

– OBD functionality allows for easy and convenient key programming.

– Supports key programming for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

– Built-in transponder and smart key generation for added convenience.

– Comprehensive coverage of key programming and immobilizer functions.

– Advanced diagnostic capabilities for troubleshooting and identifying vehicle issues.

– Easy-to-use interface with a large touchscreen display for enhanced user experience.

– Compact and portable design for use in different locations.

– Regular software updates ensure you have access to the latest features and vehicle coverage.

– Wide compatibility with various key types, including remote keys and flip keys.

– Multilingual support for global use.

– Comes with a variety of accessories for comprehensive key programming.


Quality Excellent
Weight 1.5KG
Shipping Ways DHL Fedex UPS EMS TNT
Brand X-horse VVDI Key Tool Max
Function 1. Generate remote and smart key
2. Program and Immo Transponder
3. Generate Special Transponder
4. Renew Remote
5. Recognize and Copy Access card
6. Generate and Copy Garage Remote
7. Frequency Detection and Copy Remote
8. Connect to X-horse Key Cutting Machine
KEY TOOL MAX connects to Key Cutting Machine by Blue-tooth to do cutting operations.
9. Connect to MINI OBD TOOL

There are 3 ways for KEY TOOL MAX connect to MINI OBD TOOL:
USB TYPE-C Cable, WIFI, Blue-tooth

Version English

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