Auto Locksmith Tools Full Version VVDI MB Tool Key Programmer


The Auto Locksmith Tools Full Version VVDI MB Tool Key Programmer is a powerful and versatile tool designed specifically for locksmiths and car key programmers. With its advanced features and capabilities, it is the perfect choice for professionals in the automotive industry.



The VVDI MB Tool Key Programmer is a full version auto locksmith tool that provides you with the capability to program keys for a wide range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This tool is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to take control of their own car key programming. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the VVDI MB Tool Key Programmer and how it can revolutionize your locksmith experience.

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Brief Introduction:
1. Support BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR.
2. NEC V051,V057 support on board get password.
3. All NEC keys support on board write and erase.
4. Password calculate:support BGA keys, NEC keys(include 51, 57 version) fast.
5. Support renew EIS and ELV.
6. Support write EIS and ELV.
7. Support online generate key file.
8. Unlock ELV Function.
9. Language: Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish and Russian.
10. VVDI MB BGA Tool Support the popular models like W166, W197, W212, W218, W246, W206, W210, W204, W207, W166, W203, W463, W639, W246, W212, W212(old), some W216, W164 2009- , W164, W221, W215, W220, W230 and some others.
11.Support below models for all key lost without solding:
W164, W166, W169, W172, W197, W202, W203, W204, W207, W208, W209, W210, W211, W212, W216, W218, W221, W246, W251(-2009), W463, W639(2009-), W906

Support Key Types Display:


VVDI MB BGA Tool Function in Details:

  1. *Read and Write Keys
    1)Read key basic information;
    2)Read and write BE key infraredly;
    3)NEC adaptor read the passwords of V51, V57 version key;
    4)Read and activate brand new BGA(0CF4)key;
    5)Support IR repair key, repair key not work via IR;
    6)Eraze to blank and write used NEC keys;
    7)Write smart keys and etc.2. *Password Calculation
    1)OBD read and calculate all keys password of CAN protocol Lock(FBS3);
    2)Suppport BGA keys, normal NEC keys, and V51, V57 version calculated password;
    3)all keys lost support W164+, W216, W166, W209, W211, W212, W246, W212(old), W207 type lock and etc.

    3. *Steering Wheel Lock (ESL)
    1) OBD(K line) read date;
    2) Erase to blank steering wheel lock;
    3) Replace steering wheel lock(no need to erase to blank the locks);
    4) Check if steering wheel lock works;
    5) Repair W204 steering wheel lock that can’t work.

    4. *Read and Write Gateway / Repair Mileage
    1)Support OBD to adjust meter: W204, W207, W212, W251, W164, W211, W221, W216, W166, W172, W232, W205 and etc.
    2)Support the EEPROM and FLASH of reading and writing gateway: W211/W164, W204/W207/W212, W221, W216 and etc.

    5. *Lock(EIS)
    1)Read Lock by OBD and infrared ray, and OBD automatic diagnosis;
    2)Visit W164, W209 and W211 lock without gateway;
    3)Read passwords of old version Motorola locks infraredly;
    4)Eraze to blank locks;
    5)Replace locks;
    6)Enable keys;
    7)Disable keys;
    8)Set W204 steering wheel lock in individiuation;
    9)Detect the condition of locks and keys.

    6. *Prepare Key File
    1)Prepare key files of V11, V41, V51 version online;
    2)Support to prepare EEPROM files of locks for motorola in a quick way and 100% to do it.

    7. *Programming Engine / Gearbox / Gear Computer
    Support to erase to blank date, write car model number in, and set individually on engine and gearbox and gear computer

    8. *Technical support
    Professional and efficient technical support team, free real-time online service, and provide remote technical guidance, effectively solve user use problems, adopt reasonable suggestions and opinions from users, and continuously optimize and improve products.


VVDI MB BGA Tool Firmware Update Guide:

1. Connect the VVDI MB Tool to your computer with the USB cable
2 .Choose the VVDI MB Tool firmware version from Firmware List
3. Click on Update Online and wait for the update.
4. If while updating the VVDI MB Tool you receive an error message; close, disable, or pause your antivirus and
firewall programs and try again.
5. DON’T shutdown your computer or disconnect the USB cable during the update.

How to Use VVDI MB BGA Tool?

Step 1:Connect VVDI MB BGA Tool to vehicle, and run VVDI Benz BGA software to read and save EIS data.
Step 2:Select Password Calculation, choose chassis to click “Data Acquisition”, then save data file.
Step 3:Upload the data file you save just now in step 2,then calculate the password
Step 4:Back EIS Tool menu, and read EIS data, then paste password then save new EIS data file with password.
Step 5:Go to “Prepare Key File”, click “Load EIS file” to load new EIS file with key password.
Then click “Prepare key file”, then it will prepare all keys and complete
Step 6:Go to “Read Write Key”, put new blank BGA key into coil to identify, then write the data file into key.
Step 7:Now the last thing is to synchronize the new key to car



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