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We work with the following carriers to deliver items. If you have an issue with your delivery, you can contact the carriers directly.

You can find tracking information in your order details. If an order includes multiple items, each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information.

If an item is missing from your package, it may have been shipped separately.

  1. Go to Your Orders to see if your missing item is in another shipment.
  2. Next to the image of your item, select Track Package to find the delivery date for this shipment.
  3. If you still can’t locate your item, contact us.


Most packages arrive on time. Orders sometimes show up after the estimated delivery date.


Possible reasons for late delivery include the following:

  • Incorrect address
  • Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit number
  • Severe weather conditions
  • International customs procedures

The recommended actions are:

  1. Track your package and confirm estimated delivery date in Your Orders.
  2. Confirm your shipping address in Your Orders. To avoid delivery problems, keep your address information up to date and add delivery instructions to Your Addresses.
  3. Check payment processing in Your Orders.
  4. Wait 48 hours to allow for unexpected delays.

Learn how to check the status of your order and find more information about late deliveries or undeliverable orders.

Please contact us. 

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